Ideas & Resources for April | 3rd to 6th Grade

Ideas & Resources for April | 3rd to 6th Grade

This blog is aimed at giving you some inspiration and ideas for teaching from third grade to sixth grade in the month of April.

My monthly close reading books come packed with ideas and resources that look at key events from history that happened in April, or some famous figures that were born or died in the month. The books come with ten individual activities, each with an informational text, comprehension and grammar questions, a writing extension task, and a crossword puzzle and wordsearch activity.


Easter is celebrated each year either in April or close to the month. Why not try one of close reading activities? They are available for third and fourth grade, or for fifth and sixth grade, and come packed with activities to teach your students all about the famous Christian holiday. We also have an Easter Escape Room Activity!


Lots of famous events happened in history in the month of April. One thing that really captures the students’ imaginations is the sinking of the famous ship, the Titanic. The ship sunk on its maiden voyage to New York on the 14th April 1911. Why not try introducing the topic with a close reading activity or an informational writing unit? Both of these activities are available as a bundle for either third and fourth grade students or for fifth and sixth grade. I also have an escape room activity available.


Just six years after the sinking of the Titanic, the United States entered the First World War on the 6th April 1917. Teach your students about the historic event, or in more detail about World War I, with our close reading activities and larger bundles about the First World War.


Famous birthdays from history include the recently deceased Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II; the famous Italian painter, Leonardo da Vinci; and the famous English playwright, William Shakespeare. Check out our close reading activities, escape room activities and biography writing units for more details about how you can teach about the famous figures from history.


Famous deaths from history in the month of April include the former president of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt, who died just a few months before the end of the Second World War on the 12th April 1945; and the famous King of England, Richard of Lionheart, who was hit by a crossbow while on a siege on the 6th April 1199. Again, activities on both famous figures can be seen below.


And finally, the American Civil War began on the 12th April 1865 as Confederate forces attacked Union forces at Fort Sumter. Check out a whole range of activities and bundles on the Civil War below.


 For over 2000 more resources check out Creative Primary Literacy.

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