Ideas & Resources for February | 3rd to 6th Grade

Ideas & Resources for February | 3rd to 6th Grade

This blog post is aimed at giving you some inspiration and ideas for teaching third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade and sixth grade in the month of February.

These monthly close reading books come packed with ideas and resources that look at key events from history that happened in February, or some famous figures that were born in the month. The books come with ten individual activities, each with an informational text, comprehension and grammar questions, a writing extension task, and a crossword puzzle and wordsearch activity.


February is Black History Month. Why not take a deeper look at some famous figures from American history such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass and Barack Obama? Or research influential figures from around the world such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. Check out our reading comprehension bundles, or our writing and reading mega bundles which have a great range of activities.


Our timeline activities are a great way for students to research key figures and events. Take a look at the Civil Rights Movement Timeline Activity or the African Americans in Sports Timeline Activity.


February is also the month where we celebrate Valentine's Day. Our close reading activities and escape room allow your students to look at the history and traditions of the famous celebration.


Famous birthdays in the month of February include Charles Darwin, the famous English evolutionist; Michael Jordan, the basketball superstar; Rembrandt, the famous Dutch artist; Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple; and Constantine, the infamous Roman emperor. Check out our our close reading activities, biography writing units and escape room activities.


For 1000s more resources check out Creative Primary Literacy.

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