Ideas & Resources for June | 3rd to 6th Grade

Ideas & Resources for June | 3rd to 6th Grade

This blog is aimed at giving you some inspiration and ideas for teaching from third grade to sixth grade in the month of June.

Firstly, my monthly close reading books come packed with ideas and resources that look at key events from history that happened in June, or some famous figures that were born or died in the month. The books come with ten individual activities, each with an informational text, comprehension and grammar questions, a writing extension task, and a crossword puzzle and wordsearch activity.


With the summer vacation just around the corner, these Summer Comprehension Catch Up Books are the perfect preparation for some of your students to look at over the holidays. They each come with six activities about key events or figures that your students or children will love!


June is a busy month for famous birthdays, especially in the sporting community with Rafa Nadal, Wilma Rudolph, Lionel Messi and Michael Phelps all born in the month. Learn all about these four stars and more with our close reading activity bundles below.


Some famous events from the month include the D-Day Landings on the 6th June 1944 during World War II and the Battle of Midway. Our close reading book about World War 2, our mega bundles and our escape room activities will give you all of the resources you need to look at the key events.


The Jewish World War 2 diarist Anne Frank was also born in the month of June. Again you can teach about her inspirational life and the horrors of the Holocaust with some of the resources below. Another key figure in World War 2 was Alan Turing, who was the famous mathematician behind the breaking of the Nazi Enigma Code. He was also born in the month of June.


The Treaty of Versailles was signed on the 29th June 1919. The treaty officially brought an end to the First World War, and its harshness no doubt contributed to the start of the Second World War. Learn all about the treaty with our close reading activity, informational writing unit and escape room activity.


For over 2000 more resources check out Creative Primary Literacy.

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