Ideas & Resources for March | 3rd to 6th Grade

Ideas & Resources for March | 3rd to 6th Grade

This blog is aimed at giving you some inspiration and ideas for teaching from third grade to sixth grade in the month of March.

My monthly close reading books come packed with ideas and resources that look at key events from history that happened in March, or some famous figures that were born in the month. The books come with ten individual activities, each with an informational text, comprehension and grammar questions, a writing extension task, and a crossword puzzle and wordsearch activity.


March is Women’s History Month around the world. It gives teachers the opportunity to delve into the lives of some incredible women who changed the world. From Amelia Earhart – who crossed the Atlantic solo; to Mae Jemison – the first African-American woman to go into space; Rosa Parks – who heroically took a stand to racism; and then Greta Thunberg – who fights to help others realise the problems our world faces today. The close reading bundles below help to bring these heroic women to life in your classroom.


If you would like to try an escape room activity. This Women’s History Month Bundle contains activities on Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart and Katherine Johnson. Each of the activities has been split into four different tasks; your students will need to complete each of the tasks to reveal a word. Together the four words make a phrase for them to escape the room. Volume II is now available too.


For some basketball resources to look at during March Madness check out some of the resources below. The bundle contains reading and writing activities on some of the greatest basketball players to have played the game. There is also an Escape Room Bundle available too.


Famous birthdays from the month of March include Thomas Jefferson– the third American president; Michelangelo – the famous Italian artist; Albert Einstein – the famous scientist; Simone Biles – the incredibly talented gymnast; and Steph Curry – the three-point basketball specialist. These resources below help to celebrate the lives of these famous figures.


Key historical events from March include the worldwide breakout of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns in March 2019; the killing of Julius Caesar by his own senators on the 15th March 44 BCE; and the start of the Lewis and Clark Expedition that crossed the United States.


And of course, who could forget Saint Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated on the 17th March each year! These activities look at the origins of the famous holiday and how the world celebrates today.


For over 2000 more resources check out Creative Primary Literacy.

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