Ideas & Resources for May | 3rd to 6th Grade

Ideas & Resources for May | 3rd to 6th Grade

This blog is aimed at giving you some inspiration and ideas for teaching from third grade to sixth grade in the month of May.

Firstly, my monthly close reading books come packed with ideas and resources that look at key events from history that happened in May, or some famous figures that were born or died in the month. The books come with ten individual activities, each with an informational text, comprehension and grammar questions, a writing extension task, and a crossword puzzle and wordsearch activity.


VE Day (or Victory in Europe Day) celebrates the end of World War II in Europe. The war ended in Europe on the 8th May 1945 when the German forces officially surrendered to the Allies. Why not look into World War II more deeply and try out either my close reading book or my Mega Bundle of World War II activities. Or, just teach about VE Day independently with a close reading activity or an informational writing unit.


On Saturday May 6th 2023 King Charles III was coronated as King of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Realms. Research this historic event by looking into the King’s life, or famous kings and queens from British history.


Another historic event that happened in the month of May was the first summit of Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Learn all about the mountain and the first summit attempts with our close reading activities or our informational writing units – ideal for either third or fourth grade, or fifth and sixth grade.


Famous birthdays from the month include the former U.S. president, Harry Truman; the famous English soccer player, David Beckham; the Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali; and the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. All of these activities are included in my May Close Reading Books (above) or individually below.


Lewis and Clark set off on their famous expedition across the modern United States on the 14th May 1804. They were of course later joined by their guide and translator, Sacagawea. Look into the expedition or the life of their famous guide with my close reading activities, or why not try an escape room?


Finally, in 218 BCE, Hannibal – the infamous nemesis of the Roman Empire – crossed the Alps with his elephants to confront the Romans. Why not look into the famous commander, or take a deeper look at Ancient Rome with one of my mega bundles.


For over 2000 more resources check out Creative Primary Literacy.

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