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A Christmas Carol - A School Remix Play Script

A Christmas Carol - A School Remix Play Script

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This is a play script for A Christmas Carol, however it is a modern remake that is based in a school. The play script tells the story of a mean, old headmaster, Ebenezer Loops, who runs a dark and miserable school. The teachers are under-paid and over-worked, and the students are not allowed to smile or have fun.

It is Christmas eve and his best worker, Bob Bamboo asks for the day off to spend time with his family, and sick child – Petite Pat. Loops almost refuses but decides to just dock his pay for the day. Then, that evening he gets a visit from the previous headmaster – another miserable person called Mr Frown.

Mr Frown tells him he needs to change his ways or end up with the same fate as him; he tells him how he will be visited by three ghosts that night. The ghosts visit and show Loops various things that upset him enough to change his ways.

After the visits of the ghosts Loops wakes up on Christmas day a changed man and tries to put right all the wrongs he has caused over the previous decades!


There are song recommendations throughout the script, with a mixture of traditional Christmas songs and modern songs. There are 19 speaking parts, with additional non-speaking roles too for up to 30 students.

I hope you have fun with it, my class had a ball!

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