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Ancient History Timeline Display and Sorting Activity Bundle

Ancient History Timeline Display and Sorting Activity Bundle

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Four great display, research and sorting activities that are perfect for introducing students to some of the key events of Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. 

Great for class work, distance learning or home schooling. Each of the four individual resources includes posters or task cards that timeline the key events and periods from the ancient civilizations.

The research and sorting activities are differentiated into two levels: with dates and without dates. Lower level students can sort the events using the dates, whilst higher level students can research the dates online before sorting the timeline. 

Included in each timeline activity:

  • Full Page Posters with dates for display
  • Full Page Posters without dates
  • Task Cards with dates for a sorting activity
  • Task Cards without dates for a research and sorting activity


This resource is great for:

  • Independent work
  • Homework
  • Group work
  • Research projects
  • Reading comprehension
  • Emergency sub plans



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