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Aztec Empire Close Reading Comprehension Book | 3rd Grade & 4th Grade

Aztec Empire Close Reading Comprehension Book | 3rd Grade & 4th Grade

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 A book with six close reading passages focused on the key events, famous figures, religion and the advancements of the Aztec Empire. The NO PREP reading comprehension activities are perfect for students in third grade or fourth grade. Students will learn about history and historical figures whilst developing their comprehension skills.

The book includes six individual activities on:

  • Overview of the Aztec Empire
  • Religion in the Aztec Empire
  • Emperor Itzcoatl
  • Emperor Moctezuma II
  • Hernán Cortés
  • Advancements of the Aztec Empire

Each activity has an informational text with comprehension and grammar questions followed by an extension task, crossword puzzle and wordsearch.


Included in this PDF printable book:

  • Six informational texts
  • Each with a comprehension activity with ten questions
  • Each with grammar questions about the text
  • Each with an extension writing activity
  • Answer sheets for self-assessment or teacher use
  • Each has a crossword puzzle & wordsearch to consolidate learning


This resource is great for:

  • In class learning
  • Independent work
  • Homework
  • Guided reading sessions
  • Assessment practice
  • Reading interventions
  • Emergency sub plans

The activity requires NO PREP; it has a body of text that students need to read through thoroughly; then they can use the text to find the comprehension and grammar answers. All texts then have an extension activity for those fast finishers and answers, for teacher use, are on the final page of the document.


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