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Christmas Play Script - Holly the Christmas Elf

Christmas Play Script - Holly the Christmas Elf

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A funny Christmas play that revolves around Holly the Elf. After being accidentally taken to the North Pole one Christmas Eve, she stayed until adulthood and grew up thinking she was an elf herself. One day she found out she was a human, and decided to go and visit her biological father.

On arrival she wasn’t welcomed by her father but soon the family grew to like Holly, and she also found a boyfriend. But then everything changed when she fell out with her father and she decided to leave.

However, as she was walking alone, she heard a crash; when she went to investigate, she noticed it was her good friend, Santa. Her family catch up with her and together they all manage to lift Christmas spirit and power Santa’s sleigh.


There are song recommendations throughout the script, with a mixture of traditional Christmas songs and modern songs. There are 21 speaking parts, with additional non-speaking roles too for up to 30 students. The play is around 40-50 minutes long.

I hope you have fun with it, my class had a ball!

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