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Christmas Play Script | Santa's Successor

Christmas Play Script | Santa's Successor

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A funny Christmas play script called Santa's Successor. The script follows the story line of a man who accidentally disrupts Santa's deliveries and has to take over his route before finding his way to Santa's work shop.

After causing Santa to fall from his rooftop, the man and his two young sons have to finish Santa’s deliveries for the night, and then the reindeers fly them to the North Pole. Once there, they are greeted by two elves, who explain how he must become the new Santa. He then slowly starts turning into Santa, which everybody else finds hard to believe!


There are song recommendations throughout the script, with a mixture of traditional Christmas songs and modern songs. There are 20 speaking parts, with additional non-speaking roles too for up to 30 students. The play is around 40-50 minutes long.

I hope you have fun with it, my class had a ball!

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