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Christmas Play Script - The Grouch

Christmas Play Script - The Grouch

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A funny Christmas play that revolves around a town where everyone loves Christmas. In fact they love Christmas so much it is all they talk about! However, a mysterious outcast lives outside of the town; this outcast hates Christmas and anything to do with the festive time of year. This beast is called the Grouch!

The play follows the story of Mary-Boo and her family as they open up to the Grouch, and try to show him what Christmas is all about. However, the Grouch has his own plans to ruin Christmas for the town, and steals all the presents on Christmas eve. 

He has a change of heart however when he hears the town enjoying Christmas even though he had stolen all of the presents. After this he returns the gifts and takes part in all the festivities.


 There are song recommendations throughout the script, with a mixture of traditional Christmas songs and modern songs. There are 28 speaking parts, with additional non-speaking roles too for up to 30 students. The play is around 40-50 minutes long.

I hope you have fun with it, my class had a ball! 


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