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Epic of Gilgamesh Informational Writing Unit | 5th Grade & 6th Grade

Epic of Gilgamesh Informational Writing Unit | 5th Grade & 6th Grade

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An informational writing unit about the ancient king of the city of Uruk in Mesopotamia and the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient poem believed to be the oldest story ever written. The unit focuses on key facts about the ancient king and the storyline of the ancient poem. The unit has been split into three separate lessons and is perfect for students in fifth grade and sixth grade. A crossword puzzle also comes with the resource to consolidate learning.

Included in this PDF printable resource:

  • Four fact sheets which students need to cut out and sort into paragraphs
  • Writing templates for four draft paragraphs
  • A prompt sheet for students to write their introduction
  • A template for students to write up their neat informational text
  • A crossword puzzle & wordsearch activity to consolidate learning


This resource is great for:

  • In class learning
  • Independent work
  • Homework
  • Creative writing sessions
  • Assessment practice
  • Emergency sub plans

The first lesson is interactive and involves them cutting out facts, and then sorting these facts into paragraphs. In the second lesson the children need to use these facts to write four paragraphs. Then, in the final lesson your class will need to use the format provided to write an introduction for the text before checking their draft paragraphs for mistakes and writing up their work into a neat copy on the template provided.



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