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Fall Close Reading Comprehension Book Bundle | 3rd Grade & 4th Grade

Fall Close Reading Comprehension Book Bundle | 3rd Grade & 4th Grade

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Four close reading books with 40 reading comprehension passages focused on key events and figures from September, October, November and December from throughout history.

Each of the 40 activities has an informational text with comprehension and grammar questions followed by an extension task, crossword puzzle and wordsearch activity. The NO PREP reading comprehension activities are perfect for students in third grade or fourth grade.

The four books contain the following activities:

  • The Outbreak of World War 2 which began on the 1st September 1939
  • VJ Day, which officially ended World War 2 on the 2nd September 1945
  • The Treaty of Paris which brought to an end the American Revolutionary War on the 3rd September 1783
  • Mother Teresa, who died on the 5th September 1997
  • Ruby Bridges, who was born on the 8th September 1954
  • The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, which took place on the 11th September 2001
  • Roald Dahl, who was born on the 13th September 1916
  • Theodore Roosevelt, who became president on the 14th September 1901
  • Augustus Caesar, who was born on the 23rd September 63 BC
  • Serena Williams, who was born on the 26th September 1981
  • Mahatma Gandhi, who was born on the 2nd October 1869
  • Christopher Columbus, who first landed in the Americas on the 12th October 1492
  • William the Conqueror, who won the Battle of Hastings to become king of England on the 14th October 1066
  • Walt Disney, who founded the Walt Disney Company on the 16th October 1923
  • The Great Depression, which began with the stock market crash on 'Black Thursday' on the 24th October 1929
  • The famous artist, Pablo Picasso, who was born on the 25th October 1881
  • The Microsoft founder and multi-billionaire, Bill Gates, who was born on the 28th October 1955
  • The famous soccer star, Pele, was born on the 23rd October 1922.
  • Muhammed Ali, who defeated George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle on the 30th October 1974
  • As the Battle of Britain ended on the 31st October 1940, the Blitz on Britain began.
  • Abraham Lincoln, who was elected as president on the 6th November 1860.
  • The famous scientist, Marie Curie, who was born on the 7th November 1867.
  • The U.S. President Joe Biden, who was born on the 20th November 1942.
  • The end of World War 1, which ended on the 11th November 1918, and the Treaty of Versailles that followed.
  • The famous French artist, Claude Monet, who was born on the 14th November 1840.
  • The English monarch, Elizabeth I, who became queen at the age of just 25, on the 17th November 1558.
  • American president, John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated on the 22nd November 1963.
  • The settlement of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, which took place on the 25th November 1621.
  • Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun, whose tomb was discovered by Howard Carter on the 26th November 1922.
  • The British war time prime minister, Winston Churchill, who was born on the 30th November 1874.
  • Rosa Parks, who was arrested on the 1st December 1955 for refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus; the event gave birth to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.
  • The Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base, Pearl Harbor, which took place on the 7th December 1941 and brought America into World War II.
  • George Washington, the first American president who died at the age of sixty-seven on the 14th December 1799.
  • The Boston Tea Party, which happened on the 16th December 1773 when the Sons of Liberty group destroyed a shipment of tea; this eventually led to the start of the American Revolutionary War.
  • The first powered flight by the famous Wright Brothers, which took place on the 17th December 1903.
  • Vincent van Gogh, the famous Dutch artist, who cut off his left year whilst in a rage on the 23rd December 1888.
  • Santa Claus, who does his yearly present deliveries all around the world on the 24th December.
  • The Charles Dickens' character, Ebenezer Scrooge, who was visited by three ghosts on the 24th December 1825.
  • Isaac Newton, the famous English scientist, who was born on the 25th December 1642.
  • The Battle of Trenton, which took place during the American Revolutionary War on the 25th December 1776.


Included in this PDF printable bundle:

  • Forty informational texts
  • Each with a comprehension activity with ten questions
  • Each with grammar questions about the text
  • Each with an extension writing activity
  • Answer sheets for self-assessment or teacher use
  • Each has a crossword puzzle & wordsearch to consolidate learning


This resource is great for:

  • In class learning
  • Independent work
  • Homework
  • Guided reading sessions
  • Assessment practice
  • Reading interventions
  • Emergency sub plans

The activity requires NO PREP; it has a body of text that students need to read through thoroughly; then they can use the text to find the comprehension and grammar answers. All texts then have an extension activity for those fast finishers and answers, for teacher use, are on the final page of the document.



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