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Macbeth | A Play Script for Young Performers

Macbeth | A Play Script for Young Performers

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This is a play script for William Shakespeare's Macbeth, which has been rewritten for students from third grade to seventh grade. Macbeth tells the story of a fierce warrior who meets three strange witches on his way home after a battle. The witches tell him that he will be King. At first Macbeth thinks they are lying but then he starts to believe the witches' prophecies.

He sends a letter to his wife, Lady Macbeth, who persuades him to kill the King and claim the throne. He does this but the couple find the guilt too much, and then the previous King’s sons come back for revenge. The story ends in death for Macbeth, as Macduff and Malcolm come to claim back the throne!


The play script is a mix of modern English with some of the famous lines from the real play mixed in as well. I hope you enjoy it – good luck!

There are 18 speaking roles with parts for up to 30 students; the language is a mix of Shakespearean and more modern English. Ideal for theatre performances or plays, reading activities or guided reading sessions.

Also ideal for older students who need to know the story better without getting wrapped up in the difficult language - Shakespeare is easy to understand if you understand the story!


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