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Mesopotamia Display Timeline Close Reading & Writing Bundle | 3rd & 4th Grade

Mesopotamia Display Timeline Close Reading & Writing Bundle | 3rd & 4th Grade

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Three great activities that would span six lessons, and give you a great classroom display, about Ancient Mesopotamia. Great for class work, distance learning or home schooling. Perfect for students in third grade or fourth grade studying Ancient History or famous figures such as Hammurabi, Sargon or Gilgamesh.

NO PREP is needed!


Firstly, there is a great classroom display and sorting activity that is perfect for introducing students to some of the key events from Ancient Mesopotamia. There are 44 posters or cards that include many of the key events from the time period.

Secondly, there is a close reading activity - children need to read through an informational text, and then answer comprehension and grammar questions, before completing an extension activity. This now comes with a crossword activity to consolidate learning.

Finally, there is an informational text writing unit. The unit has been split into three separate lessons which will take students approximately 40-50 minutes each. The interactive writing activity us ideal for students learning about Ancient Mesopotamia.


This resource is great for:

  • In class learning
  • Independent work
  • Homework
  • Creative writing sessions
  • Assessment practice
  • Emergency sub plans



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